About Us

Since 1994 Viewtech has specialised in satellite TV products allowing viewers freedom of choice away from the monopolies that dominate pay TV in Europe.

Our belief is that an individual in the UK should have the freedom of choice to watch the same TV as our European neighbours in the comfort of their own home. Legislation came into force a decade ago that has deprived us of some of the limited freedoms previously gained from unofficial products. However, vast opportunities remain to view some of Europe’s finest TV, legally – here in the UK – either free-to-air or with subscription.

Our ambitions for 21st Century, are:

- to seek new opportunities within Digital Pay TV
- to provide access to more channels of all types, legally, via subscription
- offer the finest service, support and prices to online, mail order and visiting customers.
- to continue expanding our services and products to customers worldwide.

Whilst we believe that the future for us now is online, we will always be there for those customer without computers and internet access who can still place orders, remain in contact by post and telephone or call at our offices to get the same low prices and the same level of service.

Our internet shop is of course open 24 hours a day, every day, but our office hours are 10.00am to 6.00pm GMT, Monday to Friday.

Within office hours we can be contacted on 07973 541269 within the UK.

Callers from overseas can contact us on +44 7973 541269 during office hours.

Our postal address is as follows:

Viewtech Digital
Beech House, 15 Beech Avenue, Harrogate, HG2 8DS, UK.

Visitors are welcome. Please call ahead to check stock availability and for us to have the item/s ready.